Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Lucas turns three

Today is Lucas' third birthday.  I find it most appropriate to share his birth story.  

He was born on a beautiful Thursday morning at 8:05.  When the doctor pulled him out of my belly, he announced, "Your son is born."  His announcement, however, was unnecessary.  Although my entire body was numb to the pain of the surgery, I felt an overwhelming presence at the moment he was brought into this world.  In the seconds before his birth, his soul circled around the operating table in pursuit of the body it would permanently reside in, causing an intense energy to seize the room.  And the moment he was born, his soul collided with his body and the entire room quieted and his being warmed up the cold operating room.  The energy immediately settled and my heart filled with gratitude.  My first son had been born.  And even before his birth was announced, I was already aware that his body was no longer within mine.  The nurses measured and weighed him and his deep cries caused tears to stream down my face.  When David brought him to me, I said, "Hello, Lucas Alexander.  Happy birthday.  I've been waiting to meet you." My voice silenced his cries and we found comfort in the familiarity of each other's voices.

Now, he is my stinky big boy.  He's loving.  He's stubborn.  He loves his Tata (my dad) and his Tío Josh.  He thinks he's a Ninja Turtle.  He likes to eat pizza.  He is the best giggler. His favorite shoes are the pair of Jordan's that Tío Josh bought him.  He's a solid 34 pounds of goodness.  And when I ask if he will be mine forever, he tells me that I belong to his daddy and that he will soon have a girlfriend.

Happy third birthday, my love.  May you continue to quiet rooms and warm up cold spaces.

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